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Guidelines To Use When Preparing Your Child for a Sleep Away Camp

Your kids are at that age where they are ready to pack their bags and, leave for sleepaway camps. Some children can adapt very fast in the overnight camp while others, will take some time to adjust to the new environment. Here are some things to note when planning for your kids trip to an overnight camp.

Ensure that Your Kid is Prepared to Make the Leap

If you want to know if your kids are ready for the overnight camp, look at how well they act and respond to the idea. If your son has good self-esteem, can reason for himself, is outgoing, responds nicely to time away from family, makes friends easily and is excited by new experiences, he will probably love overnight camp.

Involve Your Children in the Selection Process

You should sit down with your kids and decide as to how long they would like the camping experience to last, and the kinds of activities they would like to participate in. The most important thing when selecting a camp may not be its location, amenities or activities but the camp’s philosophy and principles. That is why it’s important to read the leaflet and website of these sleep away camps and meet with the manager if possible. This will help you in choosing the best overnight camp for your kids, to enjoy the full experience of camping.

Be Positive About the Camp Experience

Upon selecting a sleep away camp for their kids, parents usually worry too much of their kids stay in those camps. It is difficult for most parents to be away from their kids than it is for kids and they are advised not to burden their kids with this feeling. Never promise a child if they get homesick that they could come home since it will ensure the failure of the camp. Always ensure you stay positive as a parent and show your kid that you are happy for her and that it is going to be a wonderful experience.

Involve Your Child in All preparations.

Read through together of what the overnight camp says. Buy everything required and pack them together with your child according to the checklist given by the sleep away camp.

Ensure Your Child can Look After Himself

Kids at overnight camps, have to do specific tasks for themselves. These include unpacking their belongings, showering on their own, washing their laundry, and choosing what to wear. Teaching your kids about caring for themselves is more than just personal hygiene. You should also teach your child the importance of speaking out if he or she is too cold, not feeling well, being treated unfairly or has a personal need that is being not met. Your child will enjoy the sleepaway camp by ensuring these important matters are looked into.

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