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Why It Is Important to Clean Your Grease Traps

There will never come a time when our kitchens will be grease-less. Almost every type of cooking involves grease and this should make us look at our grease traps once in a while. Grease trap cleaning is very important especially if you own a restaurant, but somehow, it gets neglect amidst all the activities that are done in the kitchen. A regular cleaning of grease traps is important especially for restaurants. You will know why grease traps should be cleaned regularly if you read the discussion below.

Before reaching the normal drainage system, grease is captured by the grease trap. The consistency of fats and oils make it difficult to drain properly in a liquid drainage system. if you don’t clean your grease traps regularly then you will soon find that the fats and oils are overflowing and entering the standard drain. Once you grease trap overflows because of neglect, then your drainage problems will be greater.

Not cleaning your grease traps can clog the drain. With a clogged drain, your kitchen sink is rendered useless until something is done to clear up the clog. If you are a restaurant owner and your personnel are not able to wash utensils, then it will slow down your business, and the working condition is very unpleasant. Plumbers will spend days unclogging the drains since fats and oils are difficult to clean out from a pipe.

A major problem would be if the fats and oils from unmaintained grease traps would go to the public septic tanks and water disposal systems and cause them to be clogged. Sometimes a septic tank can back up and human waste will bubble up the surface. Unpleasant odors can come out of the drains and it can also cause major damage to the ground where the tank is buried.

When grease traps are not cleaned regularly, you face the risk of having a kitchen fire. When grease burns, it is extremely hot and it is not easy to put out. A small grease fire can spread widely especially if you pour water on it, and when it is spread throughout, you will find it very difficult to contain. It is simple to avoid these type of fires if the amount of oil you are dealing with is a small one. If you don’t clean your grease trap, the grease and oil can spread to places that you don’t really check. You kitchen can suddenly burst in flames if you leave your stovetop burner unattended or if you grill gets too hot.

A chemical fire extinguisher can contain a large fire but if it is not possible then you need to call the fire department and evacuate to safety.

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