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Why Nigerian Music Grow At A High Rate.

A lot of critics say that Nigerian music lacks content. This is not putting into consideration that the Nigerian music is the fastest growing music in the globe. Nigerian music is being played in clubs and radio stations a lot. Most people nowadays are listening to Nigerian music. They keep attracting new fans every time. The artist in Nigeria has received an accolade from all over the globe. This article is going to show you why the Nigerian music has received a lot of attention. It is going to give you why the Nigerian music keeps topping the charts.

The number reason is that they are many in their country. Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa. The population goes up to two hundred million people. Theis means that the country obviously produces more music than any other country. This is not to mean that they produce quality music. The Nigerians outnumber other nations in the continent. This is just on the way to explain it.

Nigeria has a lot of different ethnic groups. The number of tribes in Nigeria five hundred. What this means is that Nigeria has different languages and cultures . This ensures that the Nigerian musicians have a vast resource of samples for their music. This ensure that the Nigerian music is very diverse. If you listen keenly to the Nigerian music you will discover that their beats are a mixture of the different cultures. This attributes to the Nigerian music positively.

The people that come from Nigeria love t do things for themselves. the people in Nigerians have very little faith in their government. They just do not expect anything from their government. They are used to handling their stuff. The Nigerians have overtime blended their music with the American music coming up with Afropop the genre. This was because before this they did not receive airplay before. They came up with a way to make people like their music. The Ghanaians have also adopted this style of music. Nigerians have made it their business to work beyond their problems.

The people from Nigeria also have a lot of money. The people of Nigeria have a lot of money as compared to people from any other place in the continent. Their money is a lot compared to other African countries. This can be seen in the quality of music videos that Nigerians produce. In Africa Nigerians produce the most quality videos. The growth of music globally depends on the quality of videos which are produced.

Nigerian musicians have a natural style that is appealing. Ladies love hoe the Nigerian men dress. This is also because it is the women that determine the music trends. If women like your music then be sure you are going to be a hit. The people in Nigeria are exposed to the world as compared to other people from Africa.

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