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The Reasons that Make Vinyl Flooring Special

Planning to remodel a room in your home, they add luxury vinyl flooring in the list of your flooring options. Gone are the days when vinyl floors look dull and cheap. If you are worried about floors that look so outdated then think again.

With advancements in technology vinyl flooring has acquired a more luxurious appeal. No wonder, people are so into this type of flooring nowadays. Other than that there are five other reasons for joining the bandwagon.

First of all, you will have a huge collection of colors and styles to select from. With rotary plates and some photoengrave plates, the flooring’s secon layer is where the design will be printed. Because of this, the designs that can be printed on vinyl flooring are almost endless. There are also designs that make vinyl flooring look like wood, tiles or bricks. You are free to choose different styles based on your preference and budget.
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Next reason is that it is super easy to clean. Vinyl floor does not need waxing hence it is called the “no wax” floor from a marketing standpoint. All it takes is some mopping and the floor is again good to go. One should note that later on the vinyl floor will need buffing or recoating with “no wax” materials because, over time the flooring would lose its shine. Needless to say a little maintenance should not hurt. Take to the manufacturer regarding this.
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Next is that a vinyl flooring will last a long long time because it is durable. It goes to say that if wear resistant flooring is what you want, vinyl flooring is a reliable choice. Now, most types of vinyl flooring have at least three layers that makeup a durable, at the same time beautiful material. Usually, the backing layer or the first layer can either be fiberglass or felt. The second layer is where the design is printed. There are styles that have cushioning as an added layer. Lastly, what people usually call a “wear layer” is the final layer.

Next reason is comfort. Compared to hard surfaces vinyl flooring can have a cushioning layer which makes walking around or standing more comfortable.

It is less complicated to install and that should be reason enough for you to get vinyl flooring.

Just like any flooring, this one also needs professional installation but it is so easy to do that you or your sales person can simply install it on top of your existing floor. Typically, you simply roll vinyl flooring over your existing and there is no need to cut or fit pieces together as you would with tiles. Nonetheless, this gives your more savings. Find Perth Luxury vinyl flooring to learn more.