Vinyl flooring – your best choice in high-moisture areas

Vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg is a climate-appropriate, attractive cost effective choice for its ability to resist moisture. This is one of the most attractive features of this kind of flooring.

As vinyl stands up well to spills, leaks and any other kind of moisture, it is suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen or sub-ground area such as an underground entertainment area which may otherwise attract mould. The high humidity levels in Kwazulu-Natal make vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg a god choice.

Vinyl resists moisture better than most other floors especially concrete or wood as it has very few seams to allow moisture through, but that does not mean that water will never affect your floor. What is paramount, is proper installation. The glue has to be properly sealed, and there should be no uneven bumps or lumps in the fall where water can roll into. The challenge with excess fluid or water affecting a vinyl floor, is that it could ultimately affect the adhesive underneath. If this happens, the floor could attract mould, or the seams could be undone.

The trick is to ensure that the floor is even and flat and completely dry before installing the vinyl. If you’re opting for vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg, also invest in waterproofing insulation below the vinyl as an added measure. A well-fitted, professionally installed vinyl floor would be properly sealed down, so as to be able to keep moisture out for many years.

Vinyl is subject to wear and tear, as is any other floor surface. The more high quality your vinyl is, the thicker the layer will be. Your vinyl will last for a very long time though if due diligence and proper procedure are followed. It is dent and bend resistant, as well as scratch and scuff resistant, making it an amazing, hardworking underfoot covering. The thicker the layer, the better your vinyl will stand up through the years to high heels, furniture, your pet’s nails, and so on.

It gets even better with vinyl options in that high-end products can come with waterproof guarantees. They can also come with built-in mildew and mould inhibitors. This is perfect for Pietermaritzburg.