Why should you hire only the experts in sash window renovation?

When you decide to redecorate your shabby window instead of repairing it, you’re only hiding the problem under the fresh layer of paint. Wet, rotten, decayed wood will continue deteriorating, until one day you’ll have to replace the window completely.

Once stinting, you’ll have to pay way more in no time.

Unprofessional decorators offer very limited services – minor timber repairs, painting, fixing putty with flexible resinous fillers, and filling wood cracks in a best-case scenario. Such “repair” will serve for 6 months maximum, and soon you’ll notice the same window defects occur.

To save your window, you can retain Chameleon professionals. We offer all the groundwork,

wood window frame repair, decoration of your window, and all the other works needed to make your window seem (and feel) like new. A full list of our services you can check on our website.

For the repairment needs, we use only the top-quality materials, like the next-gen highly durable wood Accoya/Tricoya, or a well-known Sherwin Williams exterior paint. We spray paint instead of applying it with a brush to provide a smooth and glossy surface for your window. Our repairmen are the experienced master-hands, who will detect all the defects of your sash window and fix them, providing you with at least 5 more years of unconcerned window usage. Remember, that decorators don’t repair your window – they only hide its problems. If you need qualitative and long-term results, choose Chameleon and enjoy a well-being of your sash windows!