How To Replace Your Water Heater Properly


Water heaters are not used all the time. In fact, we only shower once or twice a day and the heater is used for somewhere between a few minutes to an hour or so. It means that water heaters are appliances that are not overused but they still have a lifetime after which they must be changed with new ones.

The water heater warranty lasts from 5 to around 15 years. All water heaters should be changed after 20 years of using them. Some water heaters will last up 10 years, and other over 15. It all depends on the quality and the type of heater.

If the time to change your home water heater has come, you need to take into consideration a few things. Read on and learn what are the things you shouldn’t forget.

Choose a good plumbing company

A good plumbing company, in this case, is everything. If you choose a lousy company that’s not doing a proper job, you’ll face many problems. Try to find a plumbing company that is proven to be a good choice. How to do this?

First, look online to find reviews of their previous clients. Make sure they are doing a good job and customers are happy after their work. If they already made successful deals before, you can be sure that you’ll be happy too.

Then, see if they offer services that match your needs. For example, compare the prices of the top three plumbing companies and see which one stands out. If you need a new heater and your old one to be taken out at the same time, see the water heater replacement cost of all three. If one of them offers a way lower price than the other two, don’t jump in right away. These situations usually mean that you’ll have hidden charges afterward. If all three have similar prices, choose the lowest, of course.

Choose the right type of heater

When you choose the company, you’ll be given a catalog or a list of heaters. There are generally two types of water heaters – tankless and classic tank heaters. They both have pros and cons but generally, you’re going to have to make a decision what works for you best.

For example, tankless water heaters are less affordable, but they take less space and will last longer. The tank water heaters are more affordable and you can turn them on and off whenever you want to so you can avoid eventual hazards.

It’s all a matter of preference. Here you should also look at the brand and when you compare everything you should make a final decision.

Choose the right size of the heater

Depending on the number of family members, you should make a smart choice about the size of the heater. Of course, if you choose a classic tank heater, you need to make good math how much water you’re going to spend every day.

If you’re a family of 6, you’re going to need at least 100 gallons of hot water every day. There are tank heaters that can provide this amount of water, but you should also think about getting a tankless one since you’ll need a lot of hot water in some parts of the day.

Another problem is that you might have no place to install the water heater. A 100 gallons heater is huge and you’ll need a separate room for it. A tankless water heater is placed directly on the main pipe and you won’t need anything additional. You’ll basically won’t even notice you have an appliance at home that regulates the water. See some number about water usage on this link. With it you can understand how much water you’ll spend daily.


The final thought about this matter is that you need professionals doing this thing and you also need someone to advise you what type of heater you need. The plumbing company you’ll choose will be happy to inform you about trends, prices, and downsides of some models and heater types. You definitely should use their experience and choose a water heater that is best for you, your home, and your family.