Comparing Electricity Plans: Notes Before Switching to Another Retailer

Choices. Choices. Choices.

The Open Electricity Market (OEM) means that you now have more choice in deciding who to purchase your electricity from. This initiative is now available to all areas in Singapore except for those with postal codes starting with 01 – 33; they will get to access it from May 2019 onwards.

For many months, 13 electricity retailers have reached out to Singaporeans through their extensive marketing and outreach efforts. Before switching, households and businesses might not be clear about the plans which are offered and how it impacts their bills. Let this article bring you through some pointers that will make your switching journey easier.

Electricity Plans By Retailers

There are two standardised plans available via these retailers: Fixed Price plans and Discount-Off-the-Regulated-Tariff plan.

Fixed Price Plan

Fixed Price plans allow you to fix your rate for the duration of your contract, meaning you won’t get fluctuations …